Cut Through the Noise

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Let's face it, the digital world is loud, and getting your voice heard is tougher than ever. That's exactly why we created FilmBooks. It's a whole new way to connect with your audience – literally in their hands.

By blending the classic feel of printed brochures with the impact of modern video technology. Your message now leaps off the page, grabbing attention in a uniquely engaging way.

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Key Features.

Dive into what makes FilmBooks a game-changer in marketing. Here are the key features that bring your message to life.


Built-In Video Screen

A cutting-edge fusion of a high-resolution video screen embedded in a printed brochure. This innovative combination captures attention and offers a unique way to showcase your content.


Fully Customisable

Tailor every aspect to fit your brand's identity, from the design of the print to the functionality of the buttons. This level of customisation ensures that your FilmBook aligns perfectly with your marketing strategy.


High-Quality Technology

Experience crisp, clear visuals and rich sound quality that bring your content to life. This high-end presentation elevates your message, making it more impactful and engaging.



Update and reload your FilmBooks with new videos for ongoing campaigns or changing messages. This feature not only makes FilmBooks a sustainable choice but also a cost-effective one for multiple campaigns.


The Stand Out Factor

In a digital-heavy world, FilmBooks offers a tangible and unique approach that makes your marketing stand out. Its novel format ensures your message cuts through the digital clutter and grabs attention.

Your Secret Marketing Tool

Explore how FilmBooks can revolutionise your approach to marketing, blending print and digital media for maximum impact. Contact us for a bespoke quote and take the first step towards making your message unforgettable.