Hampson Hughes

In an otherwise black and white world, the team from Hampson Hughes bring colour back to the lives of people who have suffered a personal injury.

Animated in a modern 2D style, the characters and city backdrop were created from scratch, and designed to incorporate the Hampson Hughes corporate colours.

The commercial features a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Think" on a license arranged by Global.

Agency: Global

Motor Depot

Animation is a great way of explaining a product or service in ways that would be impossible with a live shoot. Motor Depot had already advertised their ‘Smart Drive’ product in several ways before this advert and felt that a new approach, using animation, would be a great way of promoting themselves.

The finished animation is both fun and informative with the animated assets created re-purposed for use in store, on line and in outdoor advertising. This cohesive approach really lifted the brand with a consistent look and feel achieved across all touch points.

Agency: PAB Studios


Airfair had been on TV for some time, historically taking a straight forward, no frills approach to messaging. Whilst it had been successful, a new strategy was required to take the campaign to the next level.

Combining 2D character animation with a bespoke track, the ‘flightless birds’ creative proved very impactful with the assets re-purposed for use both online and outdoor. Memorable, fun and with a solid message at its core the advert easily cut through the noise.

Days Motorpark

Days Motorpark isn't an ordinary car dealership - a herd of life-size dinosaur models can be found in every one of their six sites!

So when it came to advertising on TV, to tie in with this very different USP, the creative team at Sticky Ideas & Advertising developed the concept of using dinosaur characters as the stars of the show.

Each commercial focuses on a different big benefit of buying from Day's... through the heavily accented voices and expressive movements of our plasticine friends.

Agency: Sticky Ideas & Advertising

Arbeia Roman Fort

Today we know that thousands of years ago Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields guarded a Roman port at the mouth of the River Tyne. It is only over the last forty years, however, that archaeologists and local people have discovered the fascinating history of the site.

Using a mix of interviews, animation and archive footage, the finished video highlights their findings. The completed production is played on-site at Arbeia Roman fort to thousands of tourists every year.

Motor Depot

Motor Depot is a leading used car supermarket that make car buying easy, in fact you could say it's child's play.

To showcase this simplicity, we developed the idea of using a pop-up book style animation to promote the key points of the dealerships.

The commercial also included a price-led offer section, allowing us to easily update the commercial on-the-fly as new cars came into stock.

Agency: PAB Studios


During Winter, extra strain is always placed on Accident and Emergency departments across the country. Some of this extra strain, however, is avoidable and a TV advert was required to remind people of this.

Using both existing assets supplied by the client and a ‘guess who’ style graphic effect created by our in-house team of graphic designers, we delivered this important message in a relaxed yet informative manner.

Agency: SD Advertising


Due to a change in legislation, anyone who had experienced a flight delay of more than three hours would now be eligible for a refund. To promote this recent change, and encourage people to make a claim, Airfair needed a TV advert that explained this simply and succinctly through clear animation.

The icon led animation was complimented by a professional voiceover with the advert broadcast successfully across Sky AdSmart.

Queen Alex. Sixth Form

Queen Alexandra Sixth Form wanted to differentiate themselves with a bold TV advert that was completely different to what viewers typically expert when it comes to a School or College promo.

By combining a striking animation style with bold messaging and an electric track this TV advert instantly stood out when it was first broadcast, appealing to their target demographic.

Dalton Park

Dalton Park is the biggest outlet & discount shopping centre in the North East.

Having already advertised on TV since launch, the centre wanted something with a fresh feel to reflect its unique location surrounded by Parkland trails.

To tie in with other marketing activity, such as outdoor and print, Media Partnership worked closely with Dalton Park's graphic design agency to ensure the TV commercial looked visually similar, whilst using smooth motion graphics to bring the campaign to life.

Agency: SD Advertising

Livingston Designer Outlet

Keeping their shoppers safe during the pandemic was the priority for Livingston Designer Outlet. By putting a significant amount of effort into achieving this they could remain open and continue to offer a special shopping experience to their customers.

Using animation and imagery, complimented by a stylish voiceover and music bed, the ‘Safe but still special’ message delicately welcomed customers in whilst also advising customers to shop at times when the centre was quiet.


Gradwell are business communications experts, providing VoIP, broadband, fibre and cloud products to businesses across the UK.

When it came to advertising on TV for the first time, we developed a concept that looked great, but didn't break the bank.

Using a combination of pre-made graphics, along with custom animation, the result is a clean and stylish production that perfectly illustrates what this business has to offer.

Agency: Forward & Thinking