TV Adverts

Livingston Designer Outlet

Following a multi-million pound re-development, Livingston Designer Outlet wanted to showcase the improvements that had been made and re-position the outlet as a high end shopping experience.

The advert needed to be aspirational yet attainable, highlighting the improvements that have been made in a subtle and classy way.

With a large crew, including a stylist, make up artist, gaffer, producer, director of photography and director, and a cast that included a lead model, pianist and over 30 extras, the advert hugely surpassed the clients expectations.

Winn Solicitors

The quick, streamlined service that Winns provides is at the heart of this television campaign.

We wanted to highlight the seamless process of making a claim with Winns, despite all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The concept of the Accident Response Force really helped us demonstrate that Winns is there when you need them.

The American movie-trailer theme has a double purpose - not only does it incorporate well with the Accident Response Force theme, but it also provides a universal way in which the audience can relate to the campaign.

Agency: Dickinson Media

South Shields Marine School

The educational offering at South Shields Marine School is unique, giving students access to expertise and equipment that will set them up for a lucrative and rewarding career in the Merchant Navy.

As the courses available here are hands on and exciting, we wanted to create an advert that had both pace and power, underpinned by dramatic visuals, voiceover and music.

All three come together perfectly on this advert, one of the reasons this advert won ‘best TV commercial’ at the Royal Television Awards.

Motor Depot

Motor Depot have commissioned many TV adverts over the years, with a view that they don’t want to create adverts that focus just on prices and sales messages. Instead, they want adverts that blend their sales offering with a humorous situation.

In this advert, we hired a classroom, twenty children and an actress to play a teacher. What follows is a scenario, perfectly acted out by the cast, that can be resolved by purchasing a car from Motor Depot.

Both cast and crew had a lot of fun making this and we like to think that comes across loud and clear when watching the final advert.

Agency: PAB Studios

Hampson Hughes

In an otherwise black and white world, the team from Hampson Hughes bring colour back to the lives of people who have suffered a personal injury.

Animated in a modern 2D style, the characters and city backdrop were created from scratch, and designed to incorporate the Hampson Hughes corporate colours.

The commercial features a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Think" on a license arranged by Global.

Agency: Global

Reed in Partnership

Reed in Partnership is working with over 50,000 active job seekers, supporting them with training, skills, mentoring and ensuring that they are ready to deliver results.

A TV advert was required to promote this to businesses to raise awareness that a talented pool of people are easily accessible and ready to be employed.

Shot stylishly and with a minimal script the final production is clean, classy and focused.

Agency: Narrative

Windows Plus Roofs

North East Legend Tim Healy fronts this TV advert for Windows plus Roofs, using his voice, image and relaxed manner to great effect.

Following the success of the advert Tim could be seen across the North East on billboards, vans, leaflets and signage across the Windows plus Roofs stores.

He soon became known across the North East as the face of the brand.

Agency: WriteSound

Motor Depot

Motor Depot had already advertised their ‘Smart Drive’ product in several ways before this advert and felt that a new approach, using animation, would be a great way of promoting themselves.

The finished animation is both fun and informative with the animated assets created re-purposed for use in store, on line and in outdoor advertising. This cohesive approach really lifted the brand with a consistent look and feel achieved across all touch points.

Agency: PAB Studios

Queen Alex. Sixth Form

Queen Alexandra Sixth Form wanted to differentiate themselves with a bold TV advert that was completely different to what viewers typically expert when it comes to a School or College promo.

By combining a striking animation style with bold messaging and an electric track this TV advert instantly stood out when it was first broadcast, appealing to their target demographic.


Airfair had been on TV for some time, historically taking a straight forward, no frills approach to messaging. Whilst it had been successful, a new strategy was required to take the campaign to the next level.

Combining 2D character animation with a bespoke track, the ‘flightless birds’ creative proved very impactful with the assets re-purposed for use both online and outdoor. Memorable, fun and with a solid message at its core the advert easily cut through the noise.

AE Publications

AE Publications specialise in preparing children for 11+ exams and SATs through their range of books, rigorously classroom tested by professionals for over twenty years. To promote their offering, a TV advert was needed that highlighted the nature and quality of the books.

Casting over fifteen children and shooting in both a home and School environment, the finished production perfectly demonstrates how easy the books are to use and the benefits of doing so.

Agency: Forward & Thinking

Hampson Hughes

Hampson Hughes Solicitors are specialists in no win no fee personal injury compensation. This commercial was aimed at people who have been involved in non-fault accidents.

It was a large production to co-ordinate, including hiring an entire village in Northumberland, as the main location, along with Liverpool's Albert Dock - the home of Hampson Hughes.

Nearly 100 people were involved in the commercial, including cast, crew and over 30 extras in each location.

Agency: Global

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