Social Content


Manomasa, who create and produce an eclectic range of tortilla chip flavours, required social content to demonstrate the versatility of their products and the delicious tortilla based dishes that can be created at home.

From a tomatillo pizza to a chargrilled Pineapple and Arbollé salsa, the videos created by Media Partnership have been collectively viewed over 50,000 times on social.

Check them out – you’ll never just serve tortilla chips with salsa again!


We've been working with Arriva for a number of years now, and over that time we've worked on some really fun video content.

The message in this production was simple - to say thanks to their customers.

Armed with fifty £10 notes and a number of hidden cameras, here's what we did. The resulting video was a phenomenal success across all of their social channels.

Credit Services Association

Due to the negativity that surrounds Debt Collection, the Credit Services Association (CSA) work hard to mitigate scepticism within this sector.

By creating regular video content, they’re working to dispel the myths that may exist and acknowledge concerns in an engaging and easy to understand manner.

With their video content, the CSA are engaging with their user base in different ways every single month via Facebook, Youtube and their website.

Global Bridge

Global Bridge is an online platform that gives young people a place to evidence their knowledge, skills, character and achievements rather than simply using grades to define who they are. Equally, the platform acts as a place for young people to find what future opportunities are available for them.

Working in partnership with a host of organisations, such as NBS, video content was needed to help promote the benefits of working for these businesses in an appealing way.

Go North West

As part of their customer engagement strategy, Go North West wanted to create a series of social videos designed to highlight the positive nature of their team and they’re willingness to innovate and improve.

Media Partnership and Go North West have mapped out a 12-month video marketing strategy, planned around key events. The level of engagement with the content has been fantastic so far, creating a real feel good factor around the brand.

Gateshead Council

To achieve their goal of being carbon neutral, the Go Group are continually investing into their fleet. In a first for the region, Voltra is a fully electric bus fleet boasting zero emissions and representing a significant step towards achieving their goal.

To promote the launch of these new buses, a promotional video was commissioned with a brief to be exciting and cool whilst also showcasing the stylish nature of the buses both internally and externally.

Reed in Partnership

Reed in Partnership is working with over 50,000 active job seekers, supporting them with training, skills, mentoring and ensuring that they are ready to deliver results.

A TV advert was required to promote this to businesses to raise awareness that a talented pool of people are easily accessible and ready to be employed.

Shot stylishly and with a minimal script the final production is clean, classy and focused.

Agency: Narrative

Swinburne Maddison

Prior to any content being created, a thorough SEO keyword analysis was performed to ensure that the videos produced addressed areas that members of the public were searching for.

Swinburne Maddison now have a suite of videos, each focusing on a key area of their offering, delivered by their very own lawyers.

The content sits across social media and their website, with complex legal messages distilled into engaging and easy to understand bite-size pieces.


Cyberpower UK is a global leader of custom gaming pcs, custom gaming laptops, virtual reality systems and Syber Gaming consoles.

To solidify their position as one of the market leaders, social video content was required to show how Cyberpower can help meet the needs of everyone using their experience and industry partnerships to deliver the most effective PC for each individual user’s needs.

Agency: Forward & Thinking

At Home Furnishings

Established over 140 years ago, At Home Furnishings has continually evolved its offering to
remain on trend and ever popular in the region. With stores including ‘snug’, the Portrack Lighting Centre and the funky rug shop, this shopping destination has a uniquely diverse offering.

Through their FilmBeat subscription At Home were able to create a selection of different videos that showcased all of their brands and the various products on offer.

The Smile Spa

Blending real life testimonials with footage of The Smile Spa practice allowed us to create an impactful advert, underpinned by a genuine success story.

As part of this project we also created social content to delve further into patients’ real stories and how coming to the Smile Spa has not just made a difference to their smile but also their life.

Agency: SD Advertising